Fed's upcoming meeting may further confirm 'taper will happen soon'

Posted by Fullerton Markets on Sep 22, 2021 1:53:11 PM

In the latest CGTN report, our Chief Strategist, Jimmy Zhu, shared key insights on the outlook of the global markets recently, including:

✅ The Fed likely to provide more details on quantitative easing tapering in its policy meeting this week, based on the recent U.S. economic data that shows a slowing down of the recovery.

✅ The U.S. added 235,000 jobs for August, helping the unemployment rate to fall to 5.2 percent last month.

✅ The credibility and independence of the Fed's policies are under market scrutiny due to reports of several Fed officials having large amount of personal investments in 2020.

✅ The S&P 500 dropping1.7 percent reflects that US stocks are currently very sensitive to negative news or events.

✅ Rising commodity prices are one of the causes of persistently high inflation in the US economy. 


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