Jimmy Zhu LIVE On CNA938 28 February 2022

Posted by Fullerton Markets on Feb 28, 2022 1:00:00 PM


Our Chief Strategist, Jimmy Zhu, went LIVE on CNA938 Radio this morning to share his thoughts on the current market situation.

Key points included:
👉 The impact of Russia-Ukraine tension has been overlooked so far, as this is not a one-off event.
👉 The market hasn’t fully understood and prepared for the consequences of the conflicts. Its impact on the economy and financial markets won’t be temporary as more sanctions from the West are kicking in.
👉 The focus this week is on whether the Fed will show any willingness to slow down the tightening policy, like what it did after the 9/11 attacks 21 years ago.
👉 We don’t expect the Fed to slow down the hiking pace, as inflation levels are much higher, and containing the inflation is their top priority now.cna938



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