Fullerton Markets is hosting its annual leadership event, Fullerton Leaders Summit 2022, on 26 February 2022. It is the biggest event of the year for Introducing Brokers.

Fullerton Leaders Summit brings together Fullerton Markets’ top partners and industry luminaries to share their business and leadership success. The event aims to equip business leaders and entrepreneurs with the tools needed to succeed.

At Fullerton Leaders Summit 2022, Mario Singh, Founder, and CEO, and Shawn Ha, General Manager, will present a simple yet powerful vision for the company and upcoming initiatives for 2022. Their inspiring story will help you jumpstart your journey to the top.

“Fullerton Leaders Summit, our annual event for industry luminaries, opinion-makers, and rising stars, is the most anticipated event on our calendar. This summit is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and top thought leaders,” said Mario Singh, CEO of Fullerton Markets.

“To reach the top, you need to keep moving forward and accept challenges as you go. Always aim to win. Success is waiting for you on a new journey in 2022,” Mario said.

In addition to the main event, there will be some exciting activities at the Fullerton Leaders Summit 2022, such as a lucky draw with big prizes and an award ceremony for top IBs.

Shawn Ha, General Manager of Fullerton Markers, said, “With this year's theme of Beyond Limits, we aim to motivate our partners to go beyond their boundaries, just like how a mountaineer prepares to conquer the next summit. Each one of us has the power to overcome any challenge that gets in our way and push the boundaries of possibility.”


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